Quicker than you think

If you are thinking about getting braces in Coalville, and are an adult, you are probably looking for braces that are as quick, affordable and discreet as possible. After all, no one wants to spend more than absolutely necessary on straightening treatment.

Braces-in-CoalvilleHere at Ingrams Dental Practice, we have ways of getting teeth to straighten up in a matter of months rather than years, especially if you are suffering from a mild to moderate misalignment issue.

One of our favourite systems is called CFast, which stands for cosmetically focussed adult straight teeth. Dr Mike Ingram is the dentist you will see for CFast braces in Coalville. He has been working with this system for a long time and lectures other dentists in advanced ways to get the most of CFast braces.

CFast braces work on the front six top and bottom teeth, and can straighten and level them out in 4-9 months, with an average treatment time of six months. The clear brackets are strung through with tooth-coloured nickel-titanium wire. This system works about twice as fast as clear aligners. And, because the braces work on the front six teeth only, much less force is required to move them.

However, not everyone wants to display their braces in Coalville, even the tiniest bit, and that is why CFast also offers clear aligners and invisible braces.

Clear aligners look like very thin transparent mouth guards. You get a series of them, each with built in pressure points that, in turn, nudge your teeth along to alignment. Invisible braces use brackets and wires, but they are cemented onto the backs of your teeth and are hidden by your tongue. These are great for people with more complex alignment issues.

The other great thing about CFast braces in Coalville is all the extras that come with this treatment:

  • Free teeth whitening
  • Free fixed or removable retainer
  • Free 3D scan with results so you can get a new retainer if yours breaks.

To find out how CFast braces in Coalville can transform your smile, why not book a consultation? You can do this online, in person or by phone.

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Straighten your teeth quickly and secretly with braces in Coalville

If you are considering teeth straightening, but you are put off by the idea of metal brackets and wires, then we have good news. Dentistry has come a long way in recent years, and patients can now take advantage of discreet teeth straightening options that are specifically designed for adults. What if we told you that you can now combine discreet treatment with speed? It is possible thanks to Six Month Smiles braces.

Braces in CoalvilleAt Ingrams Dental Practice, we value and appreciate your time and for this reason, we offer a teeth straightening treatment that combines speed and discretion. Six Month Smiles braces in Coalville are almost invisible and as their name suggests they can help straighten your front teeth is six months or less.

What are Six Month Smiles braces and why are they the best option for me?

Six Month Smiles is an innovative teeth-straightening treatment patented in the USA that allows patients to have the smile they want in the shortest space of time possible. Overall the treatment aims to reduce cost, save time and provide effective results. If you are an adult with unattractive front teeth, then this treatment may be ideal for you.

Unlike regular metal braces, Six Month Smiles braces concentrate on moving only the front teeth and do not alter the bite on the back teeth. For this reason, the treatment can be carried out in a few months. Moreover, Six Month Smiles brackets are made of tooth-coloured material and their wires can be adjusted to blend in with the rest of the teeth. This creates an aesthetic effect that is ideal for many adults who do not wish others to know that they are undergoing treatment.

Can Six Month Smiles braces damage my teeth?

With Six Month Smiles braces in Coalville, there is no real risk of root damage or other damage. Since the forces used with Six Month Smiles braces are lighter and teeth are rarely extracted, there are actually even fewer risks involved with this treatment.

Get in touch

To learn more about Six Month Smiles braces in Coalville, give us a call and we will book a consultation appointment for you.

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Cosmetic teeth straightening with braces in Coalville

One of the most common problems adults have with the appearance of their teeth is their alignment. A straight, white and natural-looking smile is the most desirable to have.

braces-in-CoalvilleAlthough many treatments are advertised as cosmetic treatments, most have health benefits. When we are proud of what we see in the mirror, we’re more likely to put the extra effort in when it comes to looking after our teeth and straighter teeth are easier to keep clean because there are fewer places for harmful bacteria to hide and multiply.

Here at Ingrams Dental Practice in Coalville, braces can be found that can improve the alignment of your teeth and don’t get in the way of your lifestyle.

Cfast Smiles

Cfast Smiles offers a range of teeth straightening solutions that can straighten your teeth in as little as 4-9 months. The average treatment time with Cfast is just six months.

With Cfast smiles, you can choose from using a set of clear braces in Coalville that fix in place in your mouth to adjust your teeth over time or a clear aligner that works to straighten your teeth using gentle pressure.

Inman Aligner

The Inman Aligner steps away from traditional braces. The aligner isn’t fixed into the mouth completely and can be removed whenever the patient chooses. This is much more practical when it comes to eating and cleaning your teeth.

It aligns crowded or protruding front teeth with two opposing spring-loaded aligner bars which sandwich the teeth between them. The aligner is clear so that it isn’t easily noticeable by your family and friends.

The Inman Aligner can straighten teeth very quickly, taking on average somewhere between 6-18 weeks.

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles is a treatment that is similar to traditional braces. The main difference with Six Month Smiles is that the treatment focuses its energy on the front six teeth that are visible when we smile.

The brackets and wires are made from tooth-coloured and clear materials that make them much less conspicuous than traditional metal braces. The average treatment time is just six months with this treatment.

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Make 2018 your year for straight teeth

If you have been thinking about getting your teeth straightened and yet it never quite makes it to the top of your to-do list, you might want to spend some time exploring the different kinds of braces in Coalville, and why having straight teeth is not only good for how you look, but for your oral and general health too.

Here at Ingrams Dental Practice, braces in Coalville are not only for correcting severe alignment issues, but also to help you feel as confident as possible about your smile.

Braces in CoalvilleWhy have a great smile?

Yes, you can muddle through life with a set of moderately dodgy gnashers, but for most people there will always be an underlying self-consciousness about their teeth not looking great. You may find yourself keeping your mouth closed when you smile, or talking and laughing with your hand over your face. You may even avoid eye contact with others. All this adds up to subtle but unmissable body language signals. We are hard-wired to notice how much people smile and then use this information to interpret whether they are a friend or foe. It’s primeval, but powerful stuff.

So, even though your wonky teeth may not stop you eating (yet), they may stop you making instant contacts and gliding through life making the most of one of your most important non-verbal tools of communication.

Health-wise, crooked teeth are much more likely to harbour plaque, simply because it’s harder to brush and floss away. Plaque gives off acid, which causes tooth decay and gum disease, the latter of which has been linked to heart disease and other systemic illnesses.

Easy ways to straight teeth

At Ingrams Dental Practice, we like to make teeth straightening as fuss-free as possible, and we offer several ways to get your mild to moderate misalignments straightened out in almost no time. With the Inman Aligner, Six Month Smiles and various braces in Coalville by Cfast, you can have your teeth aligned in a matter of weeks or months. Some even come with free fixed or removable retainers and finance options are available to help you spread the cost of this very worthwhile investment in your health.

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Can you be too old for braces?

Are you one of the many thousands of adults who are unhappy, self-conscious, or even embarrassed by your smile?

Some adults spend years covering their mouths when they laugh, smile or talk. They feel there isn’t many choices for them because they don’t want to wear fixed metal braces for years, or they are concerned that other corrective procedures could be too invasive or expensive.  Now, there is an effective, safe and affordable cosmetic solution that fits your lifestyle.

Braces in CoalvilleA revolutionary combination of proven techniques, modern materials and innovative ideas – Six Month Smiles braces in Coalville are clear braces that gently straighten and align teeth in an average time of just six months.

Like most of our braces in Coalville, Six Month Smiles focuses on improving the appearance of the smile without looking to reorganise your bite. They are designed to straighten the front six teeth that show when smiling. This means that treatment can be faster than you might imagine.

Are they comfortable?

Six Month Smiles braces in Coalville use minimal force to move your teeth more comfortably. Many people think that the accelerated treatment means simply ‘tightening’ regular braces to get the teeth moving, but that isn’t true. Six Month Smiles uses traditional brace mechanics, but with an emphasis on the cosmetic appearance of your teeth, rather than the position of your bite.

Do Six Month Smiles braces damage teeth?

There are no more risks of root damage or other issues than those associated with traditional metal braces. Since the forces used with Six Month Smiles are lighter and teeth are seldom extracted, there are even fewer risks involved in the process.

What’s the catch?

Luckily, for our patients here at Ingrams Dental Practice there is no catch. If you are 15 or older, with crooked or spaced teeth and you’re not looking for a major alteration to your bite, Six Month Smiles braces in Coalville could be the solution for you. Maybe it’s time to take the first step towards improving your smile and your confidence with the help of Six Month Smiles at Ingrams Dental Practice.

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Braces in Coalville: your choices

Teeth straightening treatments have proliferated in recent years. This is mostly because the demand for teeth straightening treatments that fit around adults’ lives has increased.

With this increase in demand has come an increase in innovation. More modern braces can now be provided that straighten a patient’s teeth faster, more efficiently and less conspicuously than ever.

Here at Ingrams Dental Practice in Coalville, braces come in a few different forms. Each type of braces have their own separate advantages, so we’re sure we’ll be able to find a type that fits your lifestyle and needs.

Braces in CoalvilleCFast Smiles

CFast stands for Cosmetically Focused Adult Straight Teeth. This treatment is specifically designed to fit around an adult’s lifestyle. The treatment has an average treatment time of just six months and is suitable for correcting more minor issues.

The treatment is much less conspicuous than traditional braces because the brackets and wires are made from tooth-coloured and clear materials. With every CFast treatment, we also provide free tooth whitening, a free fixed retainer, removable retainer and 3D scan of your result in case you need to replace a retainer anywhere in the world.

Inman Aligner

The Inman Aligner is a modern treatment that can correct problems with overcrowding, protrusion and crooked teeth. The average treatment time for this treatment is just 4-16 weeks.

The Inman Aligner consists of a clear plastic retainer with two spring-loaded aligning bars that apply constant pressure to the teeth, easing them back to a more desirable position. Because the pressure being applied is constant, the Inman Aligner works very quickly.

The Inman Aligner is easily removable, making keeping your teeth clean much less hassle than with traditional braces.

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles work much in the same way as traditional braces in Coalville, but are made from inconspicuous materials that people won’t be able to notice on your teeth.

Six Month Smiles focuses on the front six teeth that are visible when we smile, so the average treatment time is just six months.

With all of these teeth straightening options, it’s easier than ever to get straighter teeth.

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Why straighter teeth are healthier teeth

Did you know that having straighter teeth are likely to be healthier? This is for many different reasons. Firstly, straighter teeth are easier to keep clean and clear of bacteria.

Many problems stem from the bacteria that feed on the sugars and other proteins in our food. When bacteria multiply and thrive on the surface of our teeth and gums, they secrete acids that damage our teeth.

Braces in CoalvilleThese acids cause tooth decay along with the acids in some foods and drinks we consume. These bacteria can also cause gum disease, which is another leading cause of tooth loss in adults.

Keeping on top of our oral health is the best thing we can do to avoid tooth loss and other damage, and teeth straightening makes keeping our teeth clean much easier.

Teeth straightening options for adults

Here at Ingrams Dental Practice in Coalville, braces come in many different forms. Dental technology and materials have developed so much in recent years that new teeth straightening treatments have sprung up.

Demand for alternative teeth straightening treatments has driven innovations and ideas into new territories of practicality and usability.

Braces in Coalville: Inman Aligner

The Inman Aligner works completely differently to a traditional brace. The system consists of a clear plastic retainer with two spring-loaded aligning bars that fit over the front four teeth. Unlike the traditional brace that needs adjustments to remain effective, the Inman Aligner applies constant pressure on the teeth, reducing treatment time drastically.

This aligner also benefits from being removable at any time, making eating and cleaning much easier than with a fixed appliance. Impressions of your teeth will be made in your first appointment and in your second your teeth will be smoothed to allow the aligner to fit and the teeth to move easily.

Braces in Coalville: Six Month Smiles

Some treatments offer very fast results by adjusting just the front six teeth. These treatments are considered cosmetic Six Month Smiles can treat minor cases in just six months.

This treatment is also less conspicuous, being made from tooth-coloured ceramics and clear brackets.

If you want a quick boost to your smile, this could be the type of treatment for you.

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Your age is no barrier to straighter teeth

There are several misconceptions about dental braces, and one of them is that you have to have them when you are a teenager; that the teeth become set in the jawbone when you reach adulthood, and can no longer be moved around.

The good news is that this is not true, and you can get your teeth straightened with braces in Coalville at any age, at Ingrams Dental Practice. What does happen, however, during the teenage years is that the jawbone loses its malleability, and becomes hard. The teeth can still be moved within the jawbone though. All it takes is sustained pressure in one direction for 72 hours and the jawbone reacts to relieve it by resorbing the bone in front of the direction of pressure and building it up again behind it. This is how braces work, and they can work for adults just as well as they can for adolescents.

Braces in CoalvilleSo, if you are an adult who missed out on teeth straightening, we can help you get your crowded, twisted, undescended or gappy teeth in order. We have several systems of braces in Coalville on offer.

Six Month Smiles

These are discreet braces that use tried and tested bracket and wire technology to straighten the front six social teeth. These are the teeth that show when you speak and eat, the ones that most people feel concerned about if they are not straight. They have one root instead of three and so are much easier to move, and this can be done with gentler pressure than is required to move the molars at the back, which have three roots. Gentler pressure means that the brackets can be smaller, and these ones are also made of clear ceramic, so they blend in with the teeth rather than dominating them.

The Inman Aligner

Two spring-loaded aligner bows go behind and in front of the two front teeth, and can straighten various misalignments in only 6–16 weeks.


This system of braces in Coalville offers braces, aligners and invisible braces for cosmetic straightening.

To find out which system is right for your alignment issues, the best thing to do is to come into Ingrams Dental Practice for a consultation.

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