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CFast Advanced Course

CFast Advanced Course

Mike presented the first CFast Advanced Course at the Sheraton Heathrow last Saturday.

CFast stands for Cosmetically Focused Adult Straight Teeth and is a fantastic method for improving the smiles of adults safely and efficiently, with the average treatment time around six months. The response from the delegates has been overwhelmingly positive.

CFast is usually limited to the ‘social six’, the front six teeth of the mouth, but this course aims to extend the scope to CFast to provide the patients with an even better result by subtle movements of the teeth further back in the mouth.

Course Content

The course is designed for General Dentists who already have some knowledge of cosmetically focused orthodontics. The aim is to build on their knowledge and confidence by looking at the scientific evidence so they can treat their patients safely and effectively with the aim of providing a lifelong smile their patients will love!


The response from the delegates has been overwhelmingly positive. Here are just a few of the comments:

“Excellent delivery of course material…can’t fault it, just what I was looking for” JD

“Excellent course. exceeded my expectations, learnt so much” SB

“Some really good tips presented” NS

“Great to see the application of CFast” AR

“Great course, plenty of content at a level I could understand” FQ

“Great speaker and really happy to answer [my] questions and queries. I felt really supported” KD


If you are unhappy with your smile and would like to speak to Mike about what CFast can offer you, why not book a consultation here?

If you are already a CFast Provider and would like to enhanced your skills, future courses will be available on the CFast website soon.

Photos of the course are available here

CFAST Advanced Course

This month is very exciting for Mike who will be presenting the first ever CFast (Cosmetically Focused Adult Straight Teeth) Advanced Course.

Mike has devised and written the course himself and is happy to pass on his experience from the many successful cases we have had at the practice to dentists looking to enhance their own skills.

CFast Advanced Course

If you missed Mike on Jonathan Lampon


Mike and Jonathan

If you missed Mike’s being interviewed by Jonathan Lampon on BBC Leicester last Friday about stress, Demi Moore and oral health you can now listen here.


Summer Break

The Practice will be closing for our annual break on Friday 14th July 2017. We will reopen on Monday 31st July at 8.30am. If you have any dental emergencies during the time we are closed please call the Practice on 01530 510783 where details of the covering dental practice will be given. We look forward to seeing our patients due to visit us before we close and those booked in for when we return. Happy Summer!!

Mike Ingram, Jonathan Lampon and Demi Moore

Mike and Jonathandemi moore

Yes, we know it is a strange combination, but Mike will be discussing the effects on stress on the teeth, and how a Hollywood ‘A’ lister managed to lose her teeth.

Jonathan will be interviewing Mike this Friday, 23rd June, at 13:30. You can listen live by going to:

CFast Advanced Course

It’s an exciting day today. Forget the General Election!

Mike is going to work with Iain from Once upon a Pixel creating the demonstration videos for the very first CFast Advanced Course

cfast advanced course

On the course we will be teaching delegates how to take their CFast cases to the next level safely and effectively

Here are some of the course topics:

  • The STO/Comprehensive Orthodontic Debate
  • Examination of the Occlusion and Masticatory system
  • GDC and orthodontics
  • The evidence for appropriate Radiographs and Retention
  • Altered bracket positions and freehand bracket bonding
  • Open and Deep Bite Case Protocols
  • Posterior crossbites
  • Treatment planning and management of complex and multidisciplinary cases

Is it time for a dental spring clean?

Let us help you put a ‘spring’ in your smile!

We all get a little excited at this time of year with the prospect of some sunny weather. We may even have an urge to wash the curtains and clear out that cupboard that’s got a bit cluttered over the winter! Have you thought about spring cleaning your oral health routine too?

Maybe you have tried floss in the past and found it difficult to get on with? Or maybe it has been a while since your last dental examination.

Whatever your dental spring cleaning promises to yourself we are here to help! Mike and Suzie Ingram will always greet you with a smile and provide tailored oral health advice to give you a spring in your oral health routine.

We also stock a range of oral health products that are available to be bought by popping in to see our receptionists. The interprox plus brushes we stock are long handled and angled to aid in getting between those gaps right at the back of your mouth. Ask your dentist for the correct size for your gaps or let our receptionists know what colour brushes you currently use and we will be able to provide the perfect size.

Give us a call today on 01530 510783 and let our friendly team assist you.

Boutique Whitening will get your smile ready for summer.

What are the benefits?

  • Noticeable results in less than two weeks and a choice of when you whitening.
  • Carried out in the comfort of your own home.
  • Usual 20% discount on treatment available for Ingrams Care Plan members.

How does the treatment work?

An appointment is made with your dentist to take impressions. These moulds are then used to make custom made whitening trays for you that fit your teeth perfectly. This close fit allows for the whitening solution to work on whitening you teeth effectively. The dentist will provide you with both verbal and written instructions on how to carry out the treatment at home. Photographs are taken and the shade of your teeth are recorded. You will then carry out the treatment at home, at a time that is convenient to you, returning after a couple of weeks for a review with your dentist.

Why not ask your dentist about how Boutique whitening may work for you?

Invisible braces

invisible braces

Lingual braces on model

New to the practice, our discreet ‘Invisible’ or ‘lingual’ braces have arrived and are ready to go! The photo is of braces for lower teeth. Once fitted, they can’t be seen from the front and will gently straighten teeth.We do many different types of brace. If you want straight teeth, why not contact us for a consultation?

Free whitening is included on all courses of braces for adults.

Invisible Braces

Invisible, or lingual braces are now available at Ingrams Dental Practice.

Discreet and quick, these can align your front teeth in as little as 4 months!

Call us, or book an appointment to see if you are suitable!


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