Emergency Appointment

Each day we have a reserved space between 12-1pm in our diary so that we can see emergencies. Please call as early as you can to secure an emergency appointment for the same day.

Patients who are on an Ingrams Care Plan have emergency appointments, temporary treatment and any practice dispensed anti-biotics provided for free if needed. Definitive treatments may be charged.

Emergency appointments for private patients are charged at £60 for registered patients and £100 (required at the time of booking) for patients not registered at the Practice.

An emergency appointment aims to provide treatment for relief of pain, swelling or treatment of trauma. If your case is complex you may be charged additional fees.

On attending for your appointment the dentist will discuss your issues and examine the area. Sometimes x-rays and other diagnostic tests may be required to investigate. The findings will then be discussed with you and treatment carried out if required to alleviate the symptoms you may be experiencing.

Following the emergency appointment you may need to attend for further appointments for which you will be provided with a printed estimate and our receptionists will book in for you.



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