Fixed Bridge Advice

A fixed bridge is a permanent restoration made of porcelain and various types of metal designed to replace missing teeth. The procedure usually takes between two to three appointments and is very similar to having a crown placed on a tooth.

  • Your dentist will recontour the teeth on either side of the missing tooth by removing a portion of the enamel and dentin (usually between 1 and 1.5mm).
  • Several impressions of the prepared teeth will be taken and sent to a lab which will construct the bridge. Your dentist will make you a temporary bridge to protect the exposed teeth while the bridge is being fabricated.
  • Usually, at the second visit, your dentist will fit your new bridge over your teeth. A few adjustments will be made and your dentist may temporarily cement your bridge in for a period of a few weeks.
  • Occasionally, the bridge can be permanently cemented at the second visit, depending on the clinical situation.