High-performance replacement teeth

Dental implants in Coalville are a durable way to replace your missing teeth. At Ingrams Dental Practice, we have a great deal of experience in using this method to restore our patients’ dental function. With a fully customised procedure that pays attention to your dental details, we can bring back the smile you’ve been missing, along with many other benefits.

Dental Implants in CoalvilleReasons for having dental implants in Coalville

There is a range of ways in which teeth can be lost. You may have suffered years of decay and disease and be missing nearly all your teeth. Alternatively, you could have fractured a single tooth in a sporting incident. When a tooth is lost, the remaining teeth have to work harder to perform their tasks. The underlying material of the jawbone can start to deteriorate, and a gap in the smile can be an upsetting alteration in your facial appearance. When you have dental implants in Coalville, you make a lasting improvement that can reach beyond your oral health to raise your overall quality of life.

The process

Treatment will begin with a consultation. Our friendly team will get to know your dental history, and make sure your mouth is in good enough condition to receive the implants. Some work may be needed to make sure you’re properly prepared.

Then comes the minor surgical procedure, during which our experienced dentist will place small metal posts into your jawbone. They’re usually made of titanium, and have a screw-like appearance. After a short period of healing, you’ll come back to our practice to have the new teeth attached to these posts.


After having dental implants in Coalville, you’ll be able to enjoy your food like you used to when you had your natural teeth. There’ll be no messing around with adhesives, as there can be with temporary replacement teeth. The implants are easy to clean, and because they’re so stable, you might find your speech is more fluent than it has been in years. Plus, your face’s underlying bone structure will retain its strength. You won’t develop the sunken look that can happen when lost teeth are not replaced.

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