Quicker than you think

If you are thinking about getting braces in Coalville, and are an adult, you are probably looking for braces that are as quick, affordable and discreet as possible. After all, no one wants to spend more than absolutely necessary on straightening treatment.

Braces-in-CoalvilleHere at Ingrams Dental Practice, we have ways of getting teeth to straighten up in a matter of months rather than years, especially if you are suffering from a mild to moderate misalignment issue.

One of our favourite systems is called CFast, which stands for cosmetically focussed adult straight teeth. Dr Mike Ingram is the dentist you will see for CFast braces in Coalville. He has been working with this system for a long time and lectures other dentists in advanced ways to get the most of CFast braces.

CFast braces work on the front six top and bottom teeth, and can straighten and level them out in 4-9 months, with an average treatment time of six months. The clear brackets are strung through with tooth-coloured nickel-titanium wire. This system works about twice as fast as clear aligners. And, because the braces work on the front six teeth only, much less force is required to move them.

However, not everyone wants to display their braces in Coalville, even the tiniest bit, and that is why CFast also offers clear aligners and invisible braces.

Clear aligners look like very thin transparent mouth guards. You get a series of them, each with built in pressure points that, in turn, nudge your teeth along to alignment. Invisible braces use brackets and wires, but they are cemented onto the backs of your teeth and are hidden by your tongue. These are great for people with more complex alignment issues.

The other great thing about CFast braces in Coalville is all the extras that come with this treatment:

  • Free teeth whitening
  • Free fixed or removable retainer
  • Free 3D scan with results so you can get a new retainer if yours breaks.

To find out how CFast braces in Coalville can transform your smile, why not book a consultation? You can do this online, in person or by phone.

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