Remedial Jaw Excercises

Give both jaw joints preliminary warmth with a protected hot water bottle applied first to one joint then to the other for five minutes on each side before starting the exercises.

  1. Reflex opening exercise. Partly open your mouth against hand pressure on the chin for 20 to 30 seconds. Swallow to relax and then open smoothly and widely without sideways deviation supporting both jaw joints with light finger pressure.
  2. Lateral opening movement. Support first the left jaw joint with the fingers of the left hand and place the right hand against the side of the right jaw. Open with a sideways swing to the right against firm pressure from the right hand.
  3. Do the lateral opening exercise on the opposite side.

Do each exercise in turn and repeat the whole series six times, three times a day to begin with reducing gradually to twice a day three times a week or until free of pain.



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