We believe that the best recommendation is word of mouth and for that reason we have many testimonials from patients who have been delighted with the work that we have provided. Please read below to find out what they say.


Each month we ask our NHS children and their parents to rate the Practice. During September all patients questioned said they were 'Likely' or 'Extremely Likely' to recommend us to their Friends and Family. They also commented:

-Good explanation to myself and my daughter, also gives them a good understanding of the importance of good dental health
- appointments always run on time - clean - polite and welcoming staff

NHS Friends and Family Feedback

Today my son had his very first dentist visit, I was very pleased with the way you all treated him. As well as you treat all my other children. He was well behaved and I was extremely pleased that he must of felt at ease with you as he allowed you to check his pearly whites. Kind regards from a great full 2yr olds mum.


After wearing braces when I was younger but not having retainers afterwards over 20+ years my teeth became very crooked, also when my wisdom teeth grew they crowded my mouth slightly more. I was never happy to smile on photos and was very conscious as to how crocked my teeth were.
I had to find a dentist locally to have some repair work done and Ingrams came very highly recommended by a lot of people in the area. After battling my nerves and having the repair work completed I then enquired about the 6 Month smiles treatment.
Mike Ingram and his team were very informative about what work may be needed and the cost, I was still unsure as I did not want to have numerous extractions but he assured me after looking at my particular case extractions would not be needed and room for the teeth to move and straighten could be made in other ways.
After my previous experiences with dentists when I was younger I was put off and had not been for 20+ years. Mike and all the team have been fantastic with me as I was very nervous when I started and they definitely are the ‘nervous patient specialists’ as within a few visits I was made to be very comfortable and now I actually enjoy going.
Quality of care is definitely their No1 priority and the service is exceptional, whenever I had questions or concerns they were answered or discussed with ease and confidence, also their attention to detail during treatment was fantastic , it wasn’t just a case of having braces fitted and that’s it, Mike was always tweaking here and there to get the absolute best results , nothing was rushed at all , even to the fact that on the day my braces were removed Mike stayed on site into the evening and we were the last people in the building, that’s quality customer care for you!!
The 6 month smiles product itself has worked wonders, yes it felt strange at first and there was a small amount of discomfort here and there as the brace wires are re-tightened, but this was explained fully by Mike and the team as at the end of the day my teeth are being slowly moved. I was not put off by this as it was a small price to pay for such a massive gain.
The benefits of the 6 month smiles for me have definitely been being able to smile confidently again after 20+ years, I was just amazed at what they had done for me and with a new baby imminent the family photos will look even better with my big cheesy smile.
My advice to anyone thinking about approaching Ingrams for the 6 month smiles treatment and also anything else is to do it!! I have no complaints what so ever, everything was explained very well and on each visit what progress I was making and also what was going to be done.
Was it a good investment for money? Most definitely!...just being able to smile again without being conscious of my crooked teeth is wonderful, the months have just flown by during treatment, and what jeered me on through the treatment was looking at the before and after photo’s after each visit, as I could see fantastic changes with my teeth as they were straightening.
Once again thank you to everyone at Ingrams for all your help, guidance and support as you guys are amazing!!

SJ - A review of Six Months Smiles treatment

I really cant praise this dental practice enough. I have been a very nervous patient since childhood and have even had to resort to general anaesthetic in the past. from the very first appointment Mike listened to what I said and didnt treat me like I didnt know what I was talking about. All the staff instilled me with confidence and made every appointment as easy and relaxed as it could be for me. Their professionalism is way beyond anything I have encountered at other practices.


I was referred here after a very bad (and painful) attempt at a tooth extraction at my dentist - Mike got it out within 15 minutes and I didn't feel a thing! Magic! Thank you


They cured my fear for dentist, I was able to go to gym after an hour and a half in dentist chair due to my two broken tooth .Gentle, professional, and affordable with care plan. Thank you


Thank you all for my six month smile

I was nervous to start with when my tooth was taken out by Mike

I soon realised I shouldn't be nervous at all!! The final result was breathtakingly good....my 'new' teeth are straight and whiter than white: perfect!!

Thank you everyone particularly Mike!

Mr H

After many problems with my previous dentist I decided to go private and chose Ingrams, as my husband kept telling me how happy he was there when he had his teeth straightened. We are now both on the Ingram Care Plan. I've been for an initial consultation and then x-rays and scale and polish - everything was great. It was a completely different experience to being at an NHS dentist - and it is so easy to get appointments in the near future. Mike is really friendly and explains everything really well, taking time to listen to patients and giving them the care and advice they need. I can highly recommend Ingrams Dental Practice!


I just had work done on my front teeth and now the numbness has gone and I can see the results, I wanted to say a massive thank you to Mike and the team as they look great and I am so, so happy with the result. I can smile for the first time in 15 years on a picture and I am also slowly getting over my fear of dentists due to this positive, painless experience thanks again see you on my next appointment!


I love my Six Month Smile. I'm so happy with the new appearance of my teeth. I've been through a relatively pain free process, I've been cared for so well at Ingrams Dental Practice and feel so much more confident !! Happy Days !!


I'm 4 months on in my smiles treatment and the results are just amazing, can't recommend this enough. Mike and the team have made it all so easy, would recommend them to anyone.


I just wanted to express my thanks & appreciation for the way in which Ingrams has helped me get back into seeing a dentist. I can't begin to express the fear & trepidation I felt in tackling this, but with your help, it was an enjoyable experience. Dr M. Ingram & his technician were wonderful, explaining everything to me, allowing me to voice my fears & concerns & generally making me feel like I wasn't being silly for how I felt. The fact that I was able to see photos & X-Rays of my mouth & ask questions was great as I could see what we were talking about.
The reception staff were lovely too, as was the calm atmosphere I encountered on entering the practice - clean, cosy & calm. All in all I can't praise Ingrams enough, so for people like me, who have an irrational fear of dentists, with Ingrams there's nothing to fear but a pleasant experience that can be so traumatic.
It's great to that you get a monthly newsletter & text reminders of when appointments are & also that you can make appointments on line - a facility much needed in our busy lives.
Thank you again.


DR Mike and his nurse Emma helped build my confidence so much so tha I now no longer need sedation. Prior to being treated at this practice I always delayed treatment that inevitably made matters worse. Dr Mike always tells me what he is doing and what to expect. He always gives me as many options as possible that we agree together before we begin any treatment plan. During treatment it is clear to me that he is always consciouse of my comfort and that allows me to relax.


The staff put you at ease. The dentist is brilliant, my family have been with him since he opened his practice. I would not trust anyone else with our dental care.

Mrs AB

Dr. Ingram is an exceptional dentist, and one who comes highly recommended. He is very personable and takes time to listen and explain the best treatment options for you.
His approach builds your confidence, which in turn, helps you relax.
His team are also lovely and very caring.

Mrs MW

For the Attention of Dr. Ingram and Staff
I am writing to thank you for the superb treatment you gave to my mother, (aged 92) when she had to have two teeth extracted at your Surgery last week. As you already know, my mother had only just left hospital, after being diagnosed with a severe heart complaint, and both she and I were worried about her teeth being extracted together with the fact that she is taking Warfarin medication. I don’t know who was more scared, me or my mother!!
Upon arriving home from your Surgery, she was able to telephone all her friends about the wonderful way she was treated and how she didn’t realise that her teeth had been removed!! In the end, I had to ask her to sit down quietly for a while!!
Once again, very many thanks.


The service I have received from Ingrams since joining them has been polite, efficient, informative and above all inclusive. I have been given all of the information and options before undertaking courses of treatment which is very important to me and I have no hesitation in recommending this Practice to all.


I would like to thank all the members of the Ingrams’ Dental Practice for the most caring, professional manner in which they looked after me for the treatment I have just received. Having had the misfortune to develop gum disease, Mike spent a lot of time with me explaining the options that I have available to me. Once I had made my decision everything was put in writing for me to help me understand things, as it was quite a long process. The decision I made was to have dental implants, I was also able to take advantage of the 0% finance that Dani very kindly arranged for me. As I mentioned earlier, the treatment is quite a long process but the end results are amazing. The teeth look so real, which is a big confidence booster. Dental implants are something that I would highly recommend to anybody who is considering this type of treatment. I would like to say a big thank you to Mike and his team for the patience and reassurance he gave to me. Nothing was too much trouble for them.

Many Thanks

Mrs CS.

We would highly recommend Ingrams Dental Practice.

After my dentist of 20 years retired I spent a long while visiting various dental practises and being disappointed at the terrible service and their attempts to use check-ups as a sales pitch for cosmetic 'extras' that we did not need.

Ingrams is different. It is a traditional-style dental practice (although being reassuringly modern in terms of technology and decor) where they seem genuinely pleased when your teeth have improved and there is a strong ethical emphasis on prevention rather than the more lucrative cure. Mike has a gentle manner and good sense of humour; the staff are always cheerful and friendly. Our children enjoy their twice-yearly visits. We are a family of five and they accommodate us with a very lengthy late-evening appointment so that we can all have our check-ups at the same time. Not many practises could be that flexible and we very much appreciate it.

Mr and Mrs N

I would just like to say a big thank you to Dr M Ingram and all the staff for being so kind and understanding to me during my treatment. Years ago I had a plate fitted which was very very uncomfortable and painful. My dentist at that time, said there was nothing he could do as I have a close bite.

I decided after much pain to see Dr Ingram- after consultation, I decided to have upper bridges, also 2 new crowns and Zoom Whitening. I was made to feel comfortable and relaxed being a very nervous patient at the time and am really happy with my nice new smile. I would gladly recommend the Ingram Family Dental Practice to anyone.

Thank you all!

Mrs G G

To the Ingrams Dentist Practice

After many years not going to the dentist from a previous bad experience I once had, my bottom teeth was a complete mess unable to smile properly and I always used to cover my mouth over when talking to someone. But after my wife rang Ingrams and made me an appointment and Mike went through all my options, now several months later I have my smile back.

I would like to say thanks so much! to Mike and the practice for the service and the results given to me.

Mr A.M.

Like most young 9 year old girls I was trying to walk in my mother's high heeled shoes and fell downstairs losing one of my front teeth. Consequently over the years my teeth slipped and my bite was all wrong. For years I have suffered worn out teeth and badly fitting dentures. I was always very conscious of people looking at my horrible teeth.

Mike Ingram has now completely changed my teeth after many hours in the dental chair having extensive reconstruction. I now feel I can smile with confidence having a lovely new set of teeth and no dentures.

I cannot thank Mike enough, he was very understanding and explained everything clearly. I feel that I had the very best of attention from Mike and his staff.

Thanks Mike I really do appreciate everything you do for me!

Mrs L

The treatment that I have received over many years with this practice is the best I have ever had. I am particularly impressed with the way I feel at ease whilst actually being treated as it has always been virtually painless.

The service I receive is excellent and friendly and I would recommend Dr S Ingram to anyone.

Mrs M

o anyone who is concerned about their dental health!

Ingram's Dental Practice was our family dental practice for many years but in 2002 we moved away from the area and so we looked for local dental care which equalled what we had become accustomed to.

Needless to say - disappointed is an understatement! After trying three different practices, last year(2008) we returned to Ingram's Dental Practice knowing full well, that we will get the highest-level of treatment, equipment and materials used, care and first rate practical advice on how we can prevent dental problems.

We unreservedly recommend this practice to anyone who (like us) has a fear of dentists, pain or poor treatment - we are very willing to travel a 70 mile round trip for treatment we can trust.

Mr and Mrs J

Thank you for the work you carried out "returning my smile". I feel so lucky that I found your service on the web; since my initial plan was to take an Eastern European dental holiday but having heard of some of the less than positive reports I felt an English option would be the safest bet.

I was confident that you would offer me a good service, from our initial meeting. the care and time you took even before I agreed the work convinced me that you had my best interest at heart.

The finished job is excellent and was carried out in a relaxed manner, which made a somewhat nervous patient, actually look forward to my appointments. The difference is being able to smile again..... it is hard to describe...but really worth the time spent looking up at your surgery ceiling. One further point in respect of my experience with your practice, the friendliness from the receptionists, and your nurse also helped the make the treatment stress free.

In respect of your work, I am delighted with it. From a cosmetic perspective it looks great, but from a practical application it works, I don't have to checkout menus anymore for safe food.

thank you again for taking on my work and for the brilliant results you achieved.

Mr S

Please accept this letter to express my sincere thanks for the wonderful service I receive every time I visit your Practice.

As a somewhat nervous dental patient for the whole of my life I find the caring professionalism afforded to me has helped my reluctance to visit the dentist considerably and now find my visits less traumatic as in my formative years.

My thanks to you and your team once again.

Mrs W

I don't know if it is my history with Army Dentist that makes me feel so nervous but I've got to say, not all dentists are bad. My wife dragged me kicking and screaming to the Ingram Practice some 5 years ago I hadn't been to a dentist for some time but then I'd never really had a big problem with my teeth.

My wife made it clear to Dr Ingram how I felt and despite the implications of attention seeking I was treated calmly, with humour and with respect. Everything was explained to me, how treatments are carried out and why.

I'm not going to say that 6 monthly visits are a pleasure but there is always a friendly smile from the receptionist, there is always a brief and generally amusing conversation, with Dr Ingram before treatment starts. I'm not a number, I'm a person and he remembers who I am, and seems genuinely interested in what I get up to, the dental nurses have also, always been very attentive.

Everything is done in my time, If I want to sit up, I put up my hand and I sit up, there is never any fuss, I am clearly not in control but I feel as though I am.

I have absolutely no problem endorsing Dr Ingram, if it's piece of mind, well I still get nervous before I go but I've never had an experience at this practice that gives me reason for this and I always walk out of there with a bigger and better smile than the one I went in with!

Mr F

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