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Finance available to UK residents aged 18 and above. Credit subject to status. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Medenta Finance Ltd is delighted to have been invited to become a partner with Ingrams Dental Practice. Working together, making desirable dentistry, affordable.

Having the confidence to smile is a very powerful thing. Next time you are waiting at a bus stop, or catch someone’s eye as you walk down the street, just smile at them and watch the effect it has on their day – and yours! In this age of ‘now’, we often forget not only to look at the world around us but also at the people we meet each day. It is said that in a city of more than 6,000,000 people, London is the loneliest city in the world. However, if everyone smiled at each other, how much more pleasant and friendly would it seem? There is a Chinese proverb that says – ‘A man without a smiling face should not open a shop’.

Of course, not all of us a blessed with a Hollywood smile, are we? So, often, we simply don’t smile because we are afraid others will stare at our teeth. While most parts of the human body have the ability to replace themselves; nails, skin, blood even hair (for the most part!), our teeth are only given to us twice. Once our adult teeth have pushed through our gums, that’s it! No second chance and if what pokes through is not straight, bright and white like Jennifer Aniston or George Clooney, that’s just hard luck. Or is it?

Like most things in modern life, huge advances have been made in dentistry. Scientists, manufacturers, and dentists have continued to develop treatments and products that enable every one of us to attain the smile we desire. So, the products are available. We, each of us, have the desire to have great looking teeth. If only it was affordable? Well, now it is! Right here, right now at Ingrams Dental Practice, you can get the smile you want and be confident you can afford it.

Providing excellent dental care is core to Ingrams Dental Practice success in making patients happy and one of the many reasons they return time after time. However, to ensure that the most up-to-date treatment options are available to everyone, the Ingrams Dental Practice team have chosen to partner with Medenta Finance, who operate the 0% Interest Finance Scheme, allowing you to spread the cost of your treatment with absolutely no interest payable.

Once you have discussed your treatment options with your dentist, it takes just a few minutes to get approval for your payments to be made by direct debit at 0% interest. Using the Internet, the team will enter your details, in total confidence and within moments you will have approval, leaving you free to book your first appointment, so that your treatment can begin as soon as you wish.

Remember, just like a dog, a smile is for life, not just for Christmas and needs to keep shining for many years. The Ingrams Dental Practice team and Medenta aim make the highest quality dentistry available to you at an affordable cost.

We all know that price and cost are different. The price is simply what we pay, the cost is that price spread over the life of what we buy. If your new smile is to last 30 – 40 years, it needs to be very high quality! The definition of quality is ‘fit for purpose’ and as in many things, there are different levels of ‘quality’. In that way, a meal at McDonald's can be considered ‘quality’; it’s consistent wherever you go in the world, it fulfills your needs by quelling your hunger and it is value for money. However, you wouldn’t put a McDonald’s meal in the same league as dinner at the Ritz, would you? Both feed you, but one is infinitely more memorable than the other.

So, in conclusion, tell the Ingrams Dental Practice team what you want to achieve in your smile, listen carefully to what they suggest and then choose the best you can afford. In the long run, you will be much happier, as the higher quality will look better, fit better and last much, much longer. Plus, with interest-free finance, you no longer have to worry about the price.

Ingrams Dental Practice is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Finance available to UK residents aged 18 and above. Credit subject to status. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.